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E.189. Sortie 7.3.5


Date de sortie


Cette version dispose de quelques corrections de la version 7.3.4.

E.189.1. Migration vers la version 7.3.5

Une sauvegarde/restauration n'est pas requise pour ceux qui utilisent une version 7.3.X.

E.189.2. Modifications

  • Force zero_damaged_pages to be on during recovery from WAL

  • Prevent some obscure cases of « variable not in subplan target lists »

  • Force stats processes to detach from shared memory, ensuring cleaner shutdown

  • Make PQescapeBytea and byteaout consistent with each other (Joe)

  • Added missing SPI_finish() calls to dblink's get_tuple_of_interest() (Joe)

  • Fix for possible foreign key violation when rule rewrites INSERT (Jan)

  • Support qualified type names in PL/Tcl's spi_prepare command (Jan)

  • Make pg_dump handle a procedural language handler located in pg_catalog

  • Make pg_dump handle cases where a custom opclass is in another schema

  • Make pg_dump dump binary-compatible casts correctly (Jan)

  • Fix insertion of expressions containing subqueries into rule bodies

  • Fix incorrect argument processing in clusterdb script (Anand Ranganathan)

  • Fix problems with dropped columns in plpython triggers

  • Repair problems with to_char() reading past end of its input string (Karel)

  • Fix GB18030 mapping errors (Tatsuo)

  • Fix several problems with SSL error handling and asynchronous SSL I/O

  • Remove ability to bind a list of values to a single parameter in JDBC (prevents possible SQL-injection attacks)

  • Fix some errors in HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP code paths

  • Fix corner case for btree search in parallel with first root page split