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E.225. Sortie 6.3.2


Date de sortie


This is a bogue-fix release for 6.3.x. Refer to the release notes for version 6.3 for a more complete summary of new features.


  • Repairs automatic configuration support for some platforms, including Linux, from breakage inadvertently introduced in version 6.3.1.

  • Correctly handles function calls on the left side of BETWEEN and LIKE clauses.

Une sauvegarde/restauration n'est pas nécessaire aux utilisateurs de la version 6.3 or 6.3.1. A make distclean, make, and make install is all that is required. This last step should be performed while the postmaster is not running. You should re-link any custom applications that use PostgreSQL™ libraries.

For upgrades from pre-6.3 installations, refer to the installation and migration instructions for version 6.3.

E.225.1. Modifications

Configure detection improvements for tcl/tk(Brook Milligan, Alvin)
Manual page improvements(Bruce)
BETWEEN and LIKE fix(Thomas)
fix for psql \connect used by pg_dump(Oliver Elphick)
New odbc driver
pgaccess, version 0.86
qsort removed, now uses libc version, cleanups(Jeroen)
fix for buffer over-runs detected(Maurice Gittens)
fix for buffer overrun in libpgtcl(Randy Kunkee)
fix for UNION with DISTINCT or ORDER BY(Bruce)
gettimeofday configure check(Doug Winterburn)
Fix "indexes not used" bogue(Vadim)
docs additions(Thomas)
Fix for backend memory leak(Bruce)
libreadline cleanup(Erwan MAS)
Remove DISTDIR(Bruce)
Makefile dépendency cleanup(Jeroen van Vianen)
ASSERT fixes(Bruce)