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E.194. Sortie 7.3.6


Date de sortie


Cette version contient plusieurs correction de la version 7.3.5.

E.194.1. Migration vers la version 7.3.6

Une sauvegarde/restauration n'est pas requise pour ceux qui utilisent une version 7.3.X.

E.194.2. Modifications

  • Revert erroneous changes in rule permissions checking

    A patch applied in 7.3.3 to fix a corner case in rule permissions checks turns out to have disabled rule-related permissions checks in many not-so-corner cases. This would for exemple allow users to insert into views they weren't supposed to have permission to insert into. We have therefore reverted the 7.3.3 patch. The original bug will be fixed in 8.0.

  • Repair incorrect order of operations in GetNewTransactionId()

    This bug could result in failure under out-of-disk-space conditions, including inability to restart even after disk space is freed.

  • Ensure configure selects -fno-strict-aliasing even when an external value for CFLAGS is supplied

    On some platforms, building with -fstrict-aliasing causes bugs.

  • Make pg_restore handle 64-bit off_t correctly

    This bug prevented proper restoration from archive files exceeding 4GB.

  • Make contrib/dblink not assume that local and remote type OID match (Joe)

  • Quote connectby()'s start_with argument properly (Joe)

  • Don't crash when a rowtype argument to a plpgsql function is NULL

  • Avoid generating invalid character encoding sequences in corner cases when planning LIKE operations

  • Ensure text_position() cannot scan past end of source string in multibyte cases (Korea PostgreSQL Users' Group)

  • Fix index optimization and selectivity estimates for LIKE operations on bytea columns (Joe)