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E. Notes de version

Les notes de version contiennent les modifications significatives apparaissant dans chaque version de PostgreSQL™. Elles contiennent aussi les fonctionnalités majeures et les problèmes de migration éventuels. Les notes de version ne contiennent pas les modifications qui n'affectent que peu d'utilisateurs ainsi que les modifications internes, non visibles pour les utilisateurs. Par exemple, l'optimiseur est amélioré dans pratiquement chaque version, mais les améliorations ne sont visibles par les utilisateurs que par la plus grande rapidité des requêtes.

Une liste complète de modifications est récupérable pour chaque version en lisant les validations Git. La liste de diffusion pgsql-committers enregistre en plus toutes les modifications du code source. Il existe aussi une interface web montrant les modifications sur chaque fichier.

Le nom apparaissant auprès de chaque élément précise le développeur principal de cet élément. Bien sûr, toutes les modifications impliquent des discussions de la communauté et une relecture des correctifs, donc chaque élément est vraiment un travail de la communauté.

E.1. Release 9.6.5

Release date: 2017-08-31

This release contains a small number of fixes from 9.6.4. For information about new features in the 9.6 major release, see Section E.6, « Release 9.6 ».

E.1.1. Migration to Version 9.6.5

A dump/restore is not required for those running 9.6.X.

However, if you are upgrading from a version earlier than 9.6.4, see Section E.2, « Release 9.6.4 ».

E.1.2. Changes

  • Show foreign tables in information_schema.table_privileges view (Peter Eisentraut)

    All other relevant information_schema views include foreign tables, but this one ignored them.

    Since this view definition is installed by initdb, merely upgrading will not fix the problem. If you need to fix this in an existing installation, you can, as a superuser, do this in psql:

    DROP SCHEMA information_schema CASCADE;
    \i SHAREDIR/information_schema.sql

    (Run pg_config --sharedir if you're uncertain where SHAREDIR is.) This must be repeated in each database to be fixed.

  • Clean up handling of a fatal exit (e.g., due to receipt of SIGTERM) that occurs while trying to execute a ROLLBACK of a failed transaction (Tom Lane)

    This situation could result in an assertion failure. In production builds, the exit would still occur, but it would log an unexpected message about « cannot drop active portal ».

  • Remove assertion that could trigger during a fatal exit (Tom Lane)

  • Correctly identify columns that are of a range type or domain type over a composite type or domain type being searched for (Tom Lane)

    Certain ALTER commands that change the definition of a composite type or domain type are supposed to fail if there are any stored values of that type in the database, because they lack the infrastructure needed to update or check such values. Previously, these checks could miss relevant values that are wrapped inside range types or sub-domains, possibly allowing the database to become inconsistent.

  • Prevent crash when passing fixed-length pass-by-reference data types to parallel worker processes (Tom Lane)

  • Fix crash in pg_restore when using parallel mode and using a list file to select a subset of items to restore (Fabrízio de Royes Mello)

  • Change ecpg's parser to allow RETURNING clauses without attached C variables (Michael Meskes)

    This allows ecpg programs to contain SQL constructs that use RETURNING internally (for example, inside a CTE) rather than using it to define values to be returned to the client.

  • Change ecpg's parser to recognize backslash continuation of C preprocessor command lines (Michael Meskes)

  • Improve selection of compiler flags for PL/Perl on Windows (Tom Lane)

    This fix avoids possible crashes of PL/Perl due to inconsistent assumptions about the width of time_t values. A side-effect that may be visible to extension developers is that _USE_32BIT_TIME_T is no longer defined globally in PostgreSQL™ Windows builds. This is not expected to cause problems, because type time_t is not used in any PostgreSQL™ API definitions.

  • Fix make check to behave correctly when invoked via a non-GNU make program (Thomas Munro)