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E.304. Release 7.2.4

Release date: 2003-01-30

This release contains a variety of fixes for version 7.2.3, including fixes to prevent possible data loss.

E.304.1. Migration to Version 7.2.4

A dump/restore is not required for those running version 7.2.*.

E.304.2. Changes

  • Fix some additional cases of VACUUM "No one parent tuple was found" error

  • Prevent VACUUM from being called inside a function (Bruce)

  • Ensure pg_clog updates are sync'd to disk before marking checkpoint complete

  • Avoid integer overflow during large hash joins

  • Make GROUP commands work when pg_group.grolist is large enough to be toasted

  • Fix errors in datetime tables; some timezone names weren't being recognized

  • Fix integer overflows in circle_poly(), path_encode(), path_add() (Neil)

  • Repair long-standing logic errors in lseg_eq(), lseg_ne(), lseg_center()