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E.214. Release 8.1.5

Release date: 2006-10-16

This release contains a variety of fixes from 8.1.4. For information about new features in the 8.1 major release, see Section E.219, « Release 8.1 ».

E.214.1. Migration to Version 8.1.5

A dump/restore is not required for those running 8.1.X. However, if you are upgrading from a version earlier than 8.1.2, see Section E.217, « Release 8.1.2 ».

E.214.2. Changes

  • Disallow aggregate functions in UPDATE commands, except within sub-SELECTs (Tom)

    The behavior of such an aggregate was unpredictable, and in 8.1.X could cause a crash, so it has been disabled. The SQL standard does not allow this either.

  • Fix core dump when an untyped literal is taken as ANYARRAY

  • Fix core dump in duration logging for extended query protocol when a COMMIT or ROLLBACK is executed

  • Fix mishandling of AFTER triggers when query contains a SQL function returning multiple rows (Tom)

  • Fix ALTER TABLE ... TYPE to recheck NOT NULL for USING clause (Tom)

  • Fix string_to_array() to handle overlapping matches for the separator string

    For example, string_to_array('123xx456xxx789', 'xx').

  • Fix to_timestamp() for AM/PM formats (Bruce)

  • Fix autovacuum's calculation that decides whether ANALYZE is needed (Alvaro)

  • Fix corner cases in pattern matching for psql's \d commands

  • Fix index-corrupting bugs in /contrib/ltree (Teodor)

  • Numerous robustness fixes in ecpg (Joachim Wieland)

  • Fix backslash escaping in /contrib/dbmirror

  • Minor fixes in /contrib/dblink and /contrib/tsearch2

  • Efficiency improvements in hash tables and bitmap index scans (Tom)

  • Fix instability of statistics collection on Windows (Tom, Andrew)

  • Fix statement_timeout to use the proper units on Win32 (Bruce)

    In previous Win32 8.1.X versions, the delay was off by a factor of 100.

  • Fixes for MSVC and Borland C++™ compilers (Hiroshi Saito)

  • Fixes for AIX and Intel™ compilers (Tom)

  • Fix rare bug in continuous archiving (Tom)